Don’t Miss Out

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What are we planning for today? That’s the question you’ll be faced with when you come into a port.  Here are some tips for planning those excursions.

Book Ahead for Better Discount

Generally, the more expensive the activity and the more seasonal it is, the better it is to book ahead to lock in big discounts. Ski resorts and popular organized tours are good examples of activities for which purchasing ahead and in bulk yields discounts of more than 20 percent.

Don’t Miss Out

Another reason to book ahead is to reserve a ticket for a sought-after show or museum.  If it’s a special touring exhibit or a big-name show, you are going to have to plan ahead. Mornings are usually the best time because fewer people are ready first thing in the morning. Popular museums in destinations like Florence can be booked more than two months in advance during popular times of the year.

Just Wing It?

Generally, for short or common tours, showing up is just fine. And as a traveler, sometimes leaving a schedule wide open to accommodate that day’s whim yields some of the most memorable experiences. And those, in the end, are something money can’t always buy.