West Coast Wine Cruise

If the serenity of lush vineyards is your style, join us for a 6-night Wine Country Coastal cruise that sails further up the scenic West Coast and offers wine tasting excursions in San Francisco, Astoria, Victoria and how about a Pub crawl in Victoria, BC!

 from Los Angeles, April 30, 2016 – Vancouver, BC May 6

Current Prices Start at $449 inside; $579 Ocean View; $659.00 Veranda; add taxes, port charges gratuities and optional trip insurance; transfers and airfare will be arranged

Prices are subject to change until payment!


Each port offers an amazing selection of wine tasting venues. You may fly home the same day as disembarkation or you may choose to spend more time discovering Vancouver and all the exciting flavors and things to do!


Contact me to vancouverJoin our wine tasting group


3 thoughts on “West Coast Wine Cruise

    • Hi Linda, How are you? It has been a long time. Yes, this is my group; I specialize in wine vacations; there is another wine trip on the West Coast coming up in the fall. I will email you the information!

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