Which cabin style is best for you?

Caribbean cruises starting at $359After 30 years of travel, I still love to cruise. I can have a wonderful time in the least expensive cabin; an inside cabin, no view on the lowest level. It doesn’t change what I do and where I go.

However, I enjoy having the sun come in my window in the morning; it invigorates me  to start my day and for a cruise longer than seven days, a balcony or suite makes the cruise experience a bit more luxurious.   I love happy hour on my veranda before facing my shipmates in the dining room . Sitting on the balcony with a good book or just being able to just step outside in the sea air with my morning coffee; that is my luxury.

Is Cabin Price Important?  cruise-costs-3-1.jpg

Of course. Price is certainly a consideration, and everyone has different priorities. The best advice is to decide how much time you will spend in your cabin and what you will do there!

Need some help choosing your cabin? ..Call me!



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